Digital Marketing Team

Arlo van Heerden


With a passion for the outdoors and everything that involves a bit of adventure, Arlo believes there is always time for a good laugh and a strong cup of coffee. Arlo is our Freelance photographer, working with us on Sports events. Trained by Sven, we can't ask for better support than him. Always a pleasure having Arlo on our team.

Photographers in nelspruit

Sven Musica

Founder | Director | Visual Content Creator | Video | Stills | Marketing Strategist |

Sven is the energy behind the company. Focusing on stills and video, making sure excitement levels is always high. With more than 10 years of experience in the digital media industry, Sven works closely with clients to craft a unique end product. He constantly looks at ways to improve and modernise our team’s workflow.

Karen Musica

Founder | Project Management | Administration | Visual Content Creator | Stills |

Karen is the glue that keeps the business together. Whether through admin or client relations. You will find her doing studio sessions and most of our lifestyle work. Makes sure Arlo and Sven is kept on their toes! If you require ANYTHING , contact Karen first!



2007, Our official registered Established date. Perhaps its old enough that we could actually Print a rustic looking T-shirt. 
Yes, we did start on film cameras, not that it actually makes any difference in the modern age, but it tells a story. It’s a story that speaks of dedication and resilience, innovation and development.
The Truth is, in todays day and age, we like to believe we are living in a DIGITAL AGE, the rapid growth in this digital lifestyle has seen many quality photographers as well as other companies closing doors, not because they weren’t any good, but because they struggled to grow with current trends. It’s this innovation that we at Phonix Capture Pride ourselves on.
It didn’t come easy, the financial investment and commitment we needed to allocate to keeping up with technology in order to keep clients satisfied with the overall product quality so that their business could thrive and stand head and shoulders above their competitors is a full time commitment.
To the modern human, we all know how quickly technology is outdated, we only need to have a 2 year old phone to realise this. Updating equipment is key for us to keep our long term existing clients such as RCL foods, Halls Fresh produce, AVS Hire, Rise FM, Agristar, Global macs, Wildlands, Wildlife act, and a whole range of lodges  continuously excited about updating their look year on year. 
Phonix capture prides itself on its continuous adapting, innovating, plain and simple dedication to creating content that is not only current, but Future proofed aswell.   
We are a media company based in Nelspruit  Mpumalanga specialising Photography and Video    


What We Do


We aim to create compelling content that inspires viewer interest in the following fields: Corporate and Marketing – Lifestyle – Agricultural – Hospitality – Architectural. Our aim is to provide clients with future proof marketing imagery


We are always striving to bring unique stories to life with high quality motion content. Our modern gear assists us to create visually attractive content in virtually any field possible. Video that innovate, create and inspire, is the norm we work by.


A new adventure that started at the end of 2020 and seeing us through into 2021 is the fact that we are now working with the weather channel to produce a series of shows. This portfolio I believe will grow in the near future

Our Studio

Our photographic studio is based in Nelspruit. We do a large variety of work in our Studio, ranging from corporate headshots to product photography or lifestyle sessions. This is where our passion for photography can be expressed the best, and we feel that anything done in studio really resembles our quality.