Agristar – Global Macadamias processing plant.

‘If you can’t sell it, don’t grow it’ – A belief that has seen the Agristar Group go from strength to strength in the macadamia industry.

As Part of our work for leading macadamia farmers and processors Agristar Holdings, we were assigned to photograph the progress on Africa’s largest kernel processing plant , which is expected to be operational in 2020.

This is a huge project With Agristar and Globalmac as the main partners in the plant. A construction plant is not necessarily the easiest thing to photograph but with a few stunning Lowveld afternoons and creative angles, Sven managed to pull it of quite well! Construction on the plant is being done by Breet Construction. The plant will be a leader in its field with the latest technology to ensure the best thermo-dynamic drying principles and bulk handling capacity.

Through continuous research and development in the industry, the company is constantly exploring new markets to grow its global footprint.


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