Caracal Lodge

Would you believe us if we said there’s a place where a goat a giraffe and a sheep are best mates, a place where Percy the pig roams freely among impala and a herd of Nguni Cattle. A place with sweeping views across the magnificent lowveld mountains. A place where outdoor and animal lovers can go to, kick their feet up, catch fish, go on hikes, have picnic at a waterfall and enjoy the crackling sounds of a campfire. A place with genuine warm hospitality, not just for you, but your K9 friend aswell! A place with beautiful rooms surrounded by untouched bush. A place called Caracal Lodge. Tucked away in the beautiful Houtboshoek valley, this laid back country lodge offers guests the unique opportunity to truly unwind in the most natural setting, whilst at the same time enjoying the luxury of rustic accommodation and bush cabins. We were tasked to showcase the beauty of Caracal lodge and it’s surroundings, and needless to say we had a great time photographing this unique lodge. Below is a few of our favourite shots capturing the essence of the lodge.

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