Casterbridge Enduro – Lowveld enduro Club

Mud, Mud And More Mud, Lot’s and Lot’s of Mud. The 3rd race in the lowveld Enduro Series challenged riders to the utmost of their abilities. Steep inclines, slippery rockplates and lot’s of technical riding made for one pretty exciting day out on the track.

As our second Enduro event, and with us a bit more comfortable in between 300+ two strokes blasting from all directions, we got our bearings together and headed out onto the track to capture all the slipping, sliding swearing laughter and full throttle action in the Sappi plantations around Legogote ( Spitskoppie) close to White river.

An action packed day out, with a few riders cominfg down hard, and the poor gentleman on our cover image breaking his leg. But we guess that’s the price you pay when going full speed around corners ,over boulders searching for a full-on adrenaline rush!

Shooting the riders zig zaging their way through towering gum trees and negotiating single traack in dark dense natural forests is really interesting, you’ve got this beautifull setting expecting quiet and peace but the sounds you hear are those of riders ripping through the air on the back of their chosen weapon. All in all we enjoy shooting these events a lot, it challenges us in a range of diferent ways, as you have only a few seconds to get “the” shot before riders dissapear into the distance again. Thus each and every shot has to be planned and imagined before you actually start recoding, as the margin for error is quite small.

We are super happy with both the hightlights edit and the full version edit , with Sven keeping it interesting by using various transitions and as always appealing music! Needless to say we can’t wait for the next Enduro event hosted by the Awesome team of the lowveld Enduro Club.

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