Kooi Beds – Ambassadors Shoot

Kooi Beds is not just another ordinary bed brand. It is an extraordinary and exclusive range of beds and mattresses meticulously designed for athletes. To fit the nature of their niche market, it is vital that Kooi Mattresses should also feel good. Furthermore, the bed should be visually appealing. Kooi Mattresses had to look good – yes, just like a High-Performance Athlete.

That is why they’ve opted for professional athletes as their brand ambassadors. With the likes of Cheslin Kolbe , Harshil Jantjies, Steven Kitshoff , Cornal Hendricks , and  Ruan Nel the Kooi beds team have invested in athletes that carry their brand name forward. We were tasked to shoot the marketing content of the above mentioned rugby players in athlete profile format. 

We were tasked to shoot in a way that showcases the unique abilities of these athletes in their professional environment. Working with these players was such an epic experience seeing that three of the players is World Cup champions. All in all it was one really cool campaign that saw us travel to numerous locations across the country.

Shooting each player with different lighting gave each shoot a different vibe and feel which in turn got our creativity going. 

Working with high performance athletes in a high performance environment is something that we are really passionate about. We get a deeper look into what it means to perform at that level and we have a shot at portraying these athletes as the ambassadors they are, not only for they’re brand but also for their sport. 

 These players play professional sport and is in the limelight quite a lot , but behind the scenes they are humble people just doing their thing. 


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