Leon Kluge Landscape Design, Klein Constantia Garden

Wrapping up yet another project with probably the best landscape artist and designer in South Africa, Leon Kluge continues to push the boundries of landscaping. His new creation incorporates different plants to create a haven for animal life such as ugs, bees and birds. A sanctuary for life to not only live in , but to thrive. To the untrained eye this garden might look quite overwhelming and out of order, but if one looks closer at each plant and patch of greenery , you will clearly notice that there is more to this garden than what meets the ey. Leon carefully crafted a design that incorporates each and every element of sustainable gardening into this project. As phonix capture we are proud to be associated with a landscape artists that focuses on the sustainability of his work. Creating motion content and taking stills in these environments gives us a glimpse into the intricate world of fauna and flora. In this video our aim was to convey the idea and backstory of the garden, and not only showing them visuals. This garden is a creative masterpiece and it was an incredible honour to witnees and be part of the whole process. Sven flew all they way to Cape Town and spent a few days in between the greenery. We love the edit and look forward to see which creations Leon will come up with in future!

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