Liqui Moly | Zwartkops Raceway

When is the last time you experienced something completely new? Well we got the opportunity to do work at the Zwartkops raceway for the first time ever, to be honest , there was a lot of first for us this past weekend. Our first time seeing a Lamborghini aventador , our first time shooting for Liqui Moly and our first time shooting competitive motorsport. We’ve done plenty of events over the course of the last two years, but nothing compares to the sound of a 977 porche turbo charging full speed across the tarmac! Our brief was to capture all the action for one of the main event sponsors, Liqui moly south Africa. Shooting and getting content in such a high paced environment was an incredible experience.

Although shooting stills and video on the same day is quite a challenge and you need to constantly think of the two mediums in their own creative way, Sven managed to shoot some awesome stills and create a really cool video of the event! Some days makes all the hard office graft worth it, and this was definitely one of those days!