Lowveld Enduro Pilgrims Rest videography

Open throttle action! The adrenaline was properly flowing at this past weekend’s Lowveld Enduro in Pilgrims Rest! Riders were challenged with 32km of rough mountain riding traversing the prospected hills of this little gold mining town. River crossings, ridge line riding, and dust wars, all finished off with an awesome party in the quaint streets of Pilgrims Rest! We were assigned to create a short highlights reel of the event. 

Closing off the year for the Lowveld enduro club saw riders making their way to the historical town of Pilgrims Rest an epic day in the mountains. We headed out to shoot the Video and conclude an amazing first year shooting the video content for them. The friendships that have evolved through the year have just been an added bonus to the awsome content we managed to get. The Lowveld enduro puts on a fantastic show with all their events and the post race interviews conclude the fun they have out on the course.

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