Meraki Guest lodge Langebaan: Professional Photographs

Langebaan, the watersport adventure hub of South Africa, a place of unparalleled beauty , stretching sand beaches and crystal blue water. An adventure travelers paradise. Sundowners on the beach or on your stoep looking acroos the bay as the last rays of sun casts its golden rays across the lines of the last few kitesurfers. Days are filled with eiteher surfing, Stand up paddle boarding or for the less adventure drivewn, a glass of bubbly.

Meraki Lodge offers all this and more, sweeping views across the bay , modern open plan living with unique and artistic touches to offer guests a well rounded laid back feet up experience.

Sven Were assigned to photograph what Meraki has on offer, the scenery in and around the lodg nd then of course some of the adventure activities. Now for thos of you who don’t know, Langebaan and nelspruit is one heck of lonbg way from each other, so Sven had to almos travelo a full day just to get to hte shoot. By the look if it he were able to put his feet up though, bubbly fruit platters and an awesome weeekend in the West Coast. He lit mopst of hte roos with the mobile light to create a more vibrrant and open feel to thew images. Usually we like to use more than one light whil shooting guest houses or lodges, but in this case the travelling arangements made lugging gear all the way quite difficult. Needless to say , we are quite stoked with the final results of the shoot. Happy client happy Life !

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