Mont Aux Sources Challenge 2019 Videography and Photography

Rain Snow, wind and endless views. Mont Aux Sources challenge 2019 had it all! 3 Am wake up calls is made easy when one knows you’re heading into the majestic Drakensberg! Monties as it’s become known always delivers, and this year was off course no different! Early morning mist in the valleys below  with the higher summits being full of snow made  for some incredible images. Coming back to an event is not an easy task, you can easily fall into the trap of rinse wash repeat, shooting the same angles at the same time of day in the same area. This year however we decided to do things differently, meaning Sven would focus entirely on  video and me pouring my energy into the stills. We knew that this would assist us in not becoming overloaded in terms of what we would need to shoot. Shooting stills and video at the same time is quite a task as you have to shift between mindsets the whole time. Splitting up allowed us to really tap into our creativity  and this made for some epic content. A misty morning early on cleared up and gave is some amazing views of the amphitheatre. Heading up towards the gully we soon found some snow and the fun started immediately! For nelspruit boytjies being in the snow is one heck of a jol and for the rest of the day it didn’t even feel like we were working. Some runners even decided to build some snowmen at the time. It’s quite easy to shoot in snow as the light reflecting from the white ice is really amazing and it gives everything a beautiful glow. The views from the top of tutelage falls is always spectacular and the runners were all in awe of the sheer size of the Drakensberg. All in all Monties 2019 was really epic and splitting up in terms of stills and video was a gamble but it paid off big time.  We are super chuffed with the photos and video and it goes to show that trying new things is crucial to stay excited and ahead of the game. 

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