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Agricultural Photographers in Nelspruit

Supplying the best quality Macadamia and tree-nut products through superior commitment to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Agristar, a fourth-generation agricultural farming business, commenced farming in 1948 with sugarcane and subtropical fruit in the eastern regions of Mpumalanga, before specialising its operations into tree nuts – specifically macadamias and pecans – over 35 years ago.

The company’s founder, who was a firm believer in the phrase, ‘if you can’t sell it, don’t grow it’, was not only influential in establishing the macadamia industry in the province, but was also one of the founding members of the South African Macadamia Growers Association (SAMAC).


The company continues to grow from strength to strength, with a firm focus on growing the tree nut industry and reinvesting into its business operations and the agricultural sector as a whole.

Whilst the company dates back to 1948, the Agristar brand was born in 2011 when the company decided to further expand its macadamia nut and pecan nut footprint, becoming a vertically-integrated tree nut specialist with a portfolio of commercial tree nut farms located in various areas in Mpumalanga, including White River, Curlews, Barberton and Malelane.

Agristar’s operations includes a portfolio of farms located in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Most of Agristar’s farms have been established from the ground up, in strategically located areas, ensuring that the company takes advantage of optimal climatic conditions, soil conditions, and water allocations whilst ensuring a favourable nut cultivar selection and implementing only through the best orchard establishment and management practices. Every effort is made to ensure that we only produce the highest quality nuts.

Agricultural Photographers in nelspruit

 Over the last 10 or so years the Nelspruit region and the bigger lowveld has become synonymous with Macadamia Nuts. Long gone are the days where the sweet smell of citrus blossoms filled the air. We are in mac season now. Rows of tropical fruits has had to make way for thousands and thousands of trees that bear a small white/light yellow nut that has taken the international export scene by storm. Agristar group knows this product and industry all too well. They’re not called tree nut specialists for nothing. As a company Agristar hasn’t  earned this title by just planting trees and producing high quality export products. No, they are fully aware that they have to constantly grow not just trees but they also their digital footprint. We live in a digital age, and people want to see where the things they eat come from. Where it is grown and which processes it goes through. Basically from Farm to kitchen. Agristar approached Phonix Capture to assist them with photographic content of their operations to increase the digital footprint of their company profile. Their aim was to get innovative creative professional photographic content that they could use for their website, print and digital media and that gets distrubuted to stakeholders and consumers.  Our brief was to showcase their farm in the entire context. From seedlings to packhouse and every aspect in between. Planting , irrigation, soil tests, machinery and one of Agristar’s most valued assests their staff. We needed to photograph the whole mac process. This required is to shoot in a lot of different environments and conditions with a lot of the shots being shoot as you go – a farm never stands still and we needed to improvise and adapt the way we shot as you only get a few minutes with a chosen subject.

Being Agricultural Photographers in nelspruit  is immensely rewarding and insightful. You get to meet the faces behind the product on the shelves. You learn basic food processes and get a view into the world of exports. Photographing in an environment where we constantly meet new people and learn new things keeps it interesting and rewarding. Agriculture is synonomous with the lowveld and therefore it is one of the areas where we tend to  specialize in. Working with the Agristar group has been a great journey thus far.