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Supplying the best quality Macadamia and tree-nut products through superior commitment to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Agristar, a fourth-generation agricultural farming business, commenced farming in 1948 with sugarcane and subtropical fruit in the eastern regions of Mpumalanga, before specialising its operations into tree nuts – specifically macadamias and pecans – over 35 years ago.

 As a company Agristar hasn’t  earned this title by just planting trees and producing high quality export products. No, they are fully aware that they have to constantly grow not just trees but they also their digital footprint. We live in a digital age, and people want to see where the things they eat come from. Where it is grown and which processes it goes through. Basically from Farm to kitchen. Agristar approached Phonix Capture to assist them with video content of their operations to increase the digital footprint of their company profile. Their aim was to get innovative creative professional video content that they could use for their website,  digital media and other marketing platforms, that gets distrubuted to stakeholders and consumers.  Our brief was to showcase their farm in the entire context. From seedlings to packhouse and every aspect in between. Planting , irrigation, soil tests, machinery and one of Agristar’s most valued assets their staff. We needed to get video content  the whole mac process. This required is to shoot in a lot of different environments and conditions with a lot of the shots being shoot as you go – a farm never stands still and we needed to improvise and adapt the way we shot as you only get a few minutes with a chosen subject.

Being Agricultural Videographers in nelspruit  is immensely rewarding and insightful. You get to meet the faces behind the product on the shelves. You learn basic food processes and get a view into the world of exports. Getting video content in an environment where we constantly meet new people and learn new things keeps it interesting and rewarding. Agriculture is synonomous with the lowveld and therefore it is one of the areas where we tend to  specialize in. Working with the Agristar group has been a great journey thus far, and producing their corporate marketing video has definitely been one of the highlights of our work in the Agricultural industry.