Bateleur Estate

Bateleur is a unique Lifestyle Estate that will offer full retirement facilities. The aim is to provide residents an Estate that encourages an active lifestyle but also has the necessary retirement facilities available should they need it in future.

The focus of the developers is to create a feeling of space and serenity where residents can enjoy the natural surroundings as part of their daily activities. Great consideration was given to the incorporation and conservation of the natural environment with open spaces and undeveloped green areas of approximately 60ha. Here the existing fauna and flora thrive against the backdrop of a typical and breathtaking Lowveld landscape where eagles soar freely and small game gaze undisturbed.

Bateleur allows residents over the age of 40 and children are not allowed to reside on the Estate on a permanent basis.

Great care was given to all aspects of design of the homes at Bateleur Estate, as well as the Community Centre. Ecological, maintenance and aesthetic factors were well thought through and implemented. Orientation and climate conditions of the site were also taken into consideration. The design of the units ensures low maintenance costs in future.

Special attention was given to accessibility and ease of movement throughout the Estate as quality of life for residents is always a priority at Bateleur Estate. All buildings have been designed to be wheelchair friendly and will therefore also be easily accessible.