Corporate Portrait Studio Nelspruit

Having  a Corporate portrait Studio in Nelspruit  work is exciting, challenging , exhilirating and immensely rewarding. Doing most of our work in the corporate industry, Corporote studio portraits has become an integral part of our business and it has shaped our set of studio skills to a large extent. Engaging with a subject coming from a corporate background is different to doing a lifestyle session in studio.

With corporate portraits, one has to keep in mind that the images that you create conveys a professional look and feel while still getting the subject to look comfortable and open towards their potential clients, as most corporate headshots get’s used on websites or brochures. Corporate studio headshots is not the traditional “sit down and smile” type of photograph anymore. It has to tell a story, and give a brief insight into that specific person. It is this creative and adaptive approach that assisted us in doing corporate headshots, for companies such as RCL Foods , Manganese Metal Company , Halls and Sons Ltd and many others.


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