RCL Foods

RCL FOODS is a leading African food producer in South Africa with a market capitalization of R16 billion, employing 20 479 people in operations across South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia. They  manufacture a wide range of branded and private label food products which they distribute through their own route to market supply chain specialist, Vector Logistics.

Their passion is to provide more mood to more people, more often.  They manufacture and distribute under a wide range of household names including Selati Sugar, Supreme Flour, Rainbow and Farmer Brown chicken, Pieman’s pies, Mageu Number 1, Sunbake bread, Nola mayonnaise, Yum Yum peanut butter, Bobtail and Catmor pet food products, and the leading animal feed brands Epol and Molatek.  They  also offer a wide range of dedicated services to food service customers across South Africa and beyond our borders.

Rcl Foods  believes that by nourishing people while sustaining  resources, everyone wins. Communities will be enriched, employees inspired and their  customers and shareholders will enjoy the benefits.

In their Passion to do “more”, they are driven by a desire to improve people’s access to nourishing food while achieving sustained business growth. The three “mores” of their  Passion are a simple expression of their  interlinked social and business agenda.

“More food” means delivering more nourishing food, better value and greater choice to consumers. This is achieved by  building their portfolio with strong brands and by gaining a bigger share of consumer meals through added-value products and relentless innovation.

“More people” means making a variety of food choices available to all people, not just some. To achieve this, they must increase their market share in their existing categories and find new consumers in new categories and markets.

“More often” means providing affordable food to everyone, every day, everywhere. They achieve this by reaching new consumer occasions through increased distribution of their products and better market penetration.

We at Phonix Capture has had a long standing working relationship with RCL Foods. We first started  doing work For TSB Sugar 8 years ago. As time went by and our realtionship with their communications team evolved and  we’ve  since expanded to doing all of the photography work for all the brands under the  RCL Foods banner. During this time we photographed their operations on multiple locations in South Africa. Our work for them ranged from Corporate Studio Portraits at their head office in Durban to photographing daily operations on Rainbow  chicken farms in Rustenburg  or even showcasing the way Yum Yum peanut Butter, Nola Mayonaise,  Magaeu Number 1, Sunbake Bread  is processed,packed and distributed by their logistics company Vector logistics.

It is with great pride that we had the opportunity to provide the RCL Foods team with photographic content for their Annual Reports over the last three years. Photographing for RCL Foods has been a big learning curve for us and it assisted us in improving our work in multiple photographic fields. With their aim of More Mood , To More , People More often , it requird us tho showcase their operations in a lot of different environments. Over the last 8 years we’ve shot in industrial factories , office buildings, call centre’s , truck yards , on farms, freezers, packhouses , abbatoir’s and  in rural communities. Shooting in all these locations has learned us to constantly  be adaptable and  has given us the experience to photograph in virtually any condition , anywhere and at any time.

Most importantly though it enabled us to improve our skill on various levels, it has taught us how to nuture work realtionships and how good communication is the base of all business practise. Working with RCL foods is exciting , challenging , insightful and really fun to say the least!