Climate Change is the new reality in our lives. Natural disasters dominate headlines locally and globally, with a growing awareness that our beautiful planet is fragile and that we’re testing her limits. In addition, we’re reminded daily of how poorly we treat our home; driving species to extinction, polluting rivers and seas; and unsustainably using the resources that sustain us. It is against this background that WILDLANDS pioneer new pro-poor development approaches that make a sustainability difference.

WILDLANDS has networks in 60 communities across KwaZulu-Natal, Western, Northern & Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, transforming the lives of thousands of South Africans and improving their livelihoods through innovative sustainable programs. These programs enable small business development, food security, conservation, recycling and restoration efforts, and offer a variety of experiential learning opportunities that provide tangible ways to activate sustainability with a focus on education, training and ambassadorship.


  • Restoration – Trees for Life and Greening your Future Programs
  • Recycling – Recycling for Life Program
  • Small business development – Khuthaza Business, Ubuntu Earth, Clothes for Life and Food for Life Programs
  • Education, Training and Ambassadorship – Ubuntu Earth Program
  • Conservation – Conservation SPACE Program (Species, People and the Conservation of the Environment) Includes eco-tourism, stewardship and species conservation
  • Food security – Food for Life Program
  • Livelihood Support – Trees for Life, Recycling for Life, Food for Life and Clothes for Life Programs

As a comany Wildlands has a relative broad spectrum that they cover in the environmental space , be it recycling , restoration of wild spaces or building up communities. Wildlands needs to showcase the work they do to sponsors ,partners and the general public as they are mainly dependant on the funds that these stakeholders in their projects and business. We’ve established a working relationship with the Wildlands team through Photographing  their Wildseries trail running events that they host to raise much needed conservation funds.

Wildlands does a lot of Social Coprorate Investment work and for this they need digital content to share on all their socail platforms ( Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Website ). We were approached to do photography work at some of their community projects in the Durban area. Our main priority is to portray the work in such a way that stakeholders coulkd get a clear view of the impact and difference Wildlands’s work does in the communities that they are involved in. This required us to venture into some rural areas and photograph various different projects. When photographing CSI projects for Wildlands we need to make the content look as natural as possible while stile being creative and dynamic enough for them to use the content onall their digital platforms.

Some of the work that we’ve done for Wildlands was used in their annual report for 2018. Working with the Wildlands team gives us an opportunity to get a glimpse of the amazing work thuis organisation does. It is truly inspiring to see the change that they make in our natural environments. Having the chance to photograph and showcase the impact they make is an absolute privilege and joy!