The Thirsty Bartender

Trendy ,perky ,Fresh. Taking the Lowveld event scene by storm.The Thirsty Bartender is a mobile bar service  transforming the way event catering and Bar services is done in our beloved Lowveld. Offering 5 star Quality drinks and cocktails anywhere and at any event. Using various liquor concepts to activate brands and getting their clients’s theme noticed. Their  Cocktails are made with only the freshest ingredients , hand picked by their well-trained staff to ensure an explosion of taste that hits the taste buds juuuuust at the right spot!

The ladies at the Thirtsty bartender knows a thing or two about cocktails and good service. Ask anyone that’s done business with The thirsty bartender and they’ll tell you that having them at your event, wedding or party  adds so much to the vibe and general festival feel of your event. Whether it’s a refreshing craft G&T  KWV or beer on tap , they know their stuff and have a wide array of drinks available to quench your thirst!

Belinda Erasmus (Owner) of the Thirsty Bartender contacted us regarding product photography in our new Studio. She wanted to us to photograph some of their unique cocktails and a few corporate portraits of the team busy working their magic behind the counter. Photographing some of the best drinks on offer in the lowveld sounded great and we were super excited to start shooting. Conceptualising the shoot was quite interesting as belinda wanted a few different vibes for the different cocktails. Thus we needed to use different colour backdrops and counters to give the company profile a diversified look and feel.  Needless to say this studio session was probaly one of the highlights of our year, as the different colours and shapes of the cocktails really got the creative juices flowing – and yes credit can be given it was the delicous cocktail tasting too!

Photographing studio products such as the Cocktails of The Thirsty Bartender keeps us motivated and challenged to stay creative and innovative in the way we light products and subjects in our studio. We feel that the Studio session and the final Thirsty Bartender photographs came out really well and we are overly satisfied with what we managed to produce.