Trailtech Cycles

Trail Tech Cycles was started in 2015 with the idea of becoming the largest “Gravity” orientated store in South Africa. They approached some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to help them achieve their vision. Representing companies such as Evil, Kona, Knolly, Box Components, MRP Suspension, Derby Carbon Rims, Industry Nine, OneUp Components and 9point8 Components has turned this vision into a reality.

They are a customer and service orientated company that just happens to stock some of the best products around. Our focus is to encourage and support all types of riders looking at Trail, Enduro, Downhill, Cross Country and Marathon as their choice of riding style. Trail Tech Cycles has adopted a “Direct” approach to sales andt hey believe the only way to sell a bike and ensure a customer is truly satisfied is to have a demo or test bike available to be ridden on an actual trail not just in a parking lot.

Trail Tech Cycles HQ is based in Nelspruit.

Trailtech cycles has some of the best looking bicycles in the country, and possibly the world. From day ! They did things a bit differently and approached the products that they build and sell with extreme attention to detail and creativity. This was also our brief when Graig Rodgers approach us to shoot marketing content form him. He wanted high-end product photography  that would catch the eye of riders and buyers immediately  as most of his sales was done on the Trailtech Cycles website on an online shop. This means that the catalogue images needed to blow the viewers away. Top us a t Phonix capture this was an ancridebly exciting project that had us constantly look at new and creative ways to make each and every bike look unique and interesting. Different lighting set-ups, different colour backdrops etc.


With the different bikes came different sets of challenges though as some of the incredible paint jobs was quite shiny and reflective which made lighting the bicycles quite tricky. However when we got it dialed the shots came out quite amazing. We’ve done photography for Trailtech Cycles across the board, from photographing interiors and exteriors for the shop to studio product shots and on location shoots where to riders went out on the trails with the bikes. Needless to say , Trailtech cycles has definitely been one of our favourite assignments due to the variety of products and the quality of each and every build.