White River Manor

As Lodge and Guest House Photographers in Nelspruit, White River manor contacted us regarding photography content of their unique establishment for their website and marketing material. We were tasked to photograph White River manor in such a way that it portrays the amazing work that is done at the establishment. Being a rehabilitation centre to people around the world, they are still at it he core of it all, a hospitality business that needs marketing material to attract customers to their establishment.

Our aim was to create images that resembles the way the White River manor approaches the restoration process. They focus on nature, fitness and spiritual well-being and this is also the vibe we tried to create. We incorporated a lot of light into the images and focused on features that gave the establishment a lively , laid back look and feel, such as water features , ambient lights, creative interior design, trees and green coloured spaces. The work done at White River manor has a lasting effect on the people that they work with, we hope that these images will have some kind of lasting “wow” effect on some of the viewers and hopefully it will attract people looking to find a new restored life , to White River manor, where this might just become  reality.