Sabie Experience 2019 Videography

This event video bug clearly bit way harder than what we thought it would when we did our first trail running event in 2017. Since then we’ve done numerous trail running events ventured in to enduro motorbiking and with the Sabie Experience did our first Mountain Biking Event! To document a race such as the Sabie experience has been one incredible andventure and we were super excited for a weekend of exploring our own adventure backyard while out capturing content of mountain bikers out on the single tracks and gravel roads surrounding the spectacular logging town of Sabie! Sven was a one man band for the weekend as Arlo gunning on the trails at SA trail Running Champs in Cape town, this required quite a lot of sweat and blood as Sven had to put out 3 videos and 3 days while shooting riders the whole day!

We feel that the 3 edits plus the 4th final edit came out really cool and we’re super excited to venture even further into the event industry, and especially in to the mountain biking scene as it is high paced , and full of adrenaline, something we love immensely!

Day 1 of the 17th edition of The Sabie Experience kicked off in the early hours the  morning and saw a field of excited riders tow the line at the start venue, Floreat Riverside Lodge Sabie. Excited to see what  day had to offer, they experienced brutal climbs but the rewards of the views at the top were nothing short of spectacular.

Thank you Liqui Moly South Africa, Land Rover Nelspruit, Numbi ford Whiteriver for helping day 1 run as smooth as possible.

An incredible day lay ahead of the riders in what started as a misty morning typical of Sabie. It wasn’t long before the clean bicycles thanks to Liqui Moly South Africa were caked in beautiful sabie mud. Riders faced an incredibly long climb and were greeted by an amazing open view up on Hartebeesvlakte in the Solo’s. The team category were welcomed with a speedy descent and the exciting floating bridge. All in all a day full of action an adventure!

Day 3 highlights video with probably the most dramatic ending to a Mountain biking race video. So day 3 was time trial day, this meant that the riders were going to go all guns blazing on tired legs on a superb day. The last day threw everything at the riders Sabie has to offer from forestry, waterfalls, brutal climbs, riverside single track and blazing downhills.
Just a last thank you to each and every rider and sponsor for making the 2019 Sabie Experience a very memorable one.


The weekend is Almost upon us! So if you dont have any riding plans perhaps Our FULL LENGTH VIDEO might change that and get some bums into saddles. Thank you to the riders for looking so good out there and making our sport look so exciting and inspirational. We really had good times hosting you in our back yard.

Thank you once again to the brands that made this incredible Lowveld event possible.
Land Rover Nelspruit Liqui Moly South Africa Husqvarna Betadine South Africa Floreat Riverside Lodge Sabie Numbi Auto

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