Somkhanda Mtb Challenge for Wildlands KZN

“Fixing tomorrow today” – this phrase had quite an impact on each and every rider at the inaugural Somkhanda MTB Challenge this past weekend. 15 riders – A Big 5 Game Reserve and an experience of a lifetime! We were commissioned to shoot the event in terms of stills and video. It was such an exhilarating experience as it was a really intimate event. Everyone arrived as strangers but as each day unfolded so did the friendships between each and every person at the event. Shooting in proper bushveld was fun but it took some time to be creative and think of different angles as riders mostly stuck to jeep track. Luckilythough there was some tough uphills and this allowed us to get some really cool close-up angles of the riders! All in all Somkhanda MTb Challenge was a really cool and fun event and definitely one that would go down as one of the highlights of our event year. In a world where we are bombarded by negative news, and just general bad press, the positive Somkhanda story and experience stands out like a Bok Supporter in an English pub! Somkhanda is a community game reserve Situated in Kwa Zulu Natal belonging to the Gumbi people , In partnership with two NGO’s namely Wildlands and Afric4Africa. The Reserve focuses on improving ecosystem management and driving interventions that conserve endangered wildlife and species vulnerable to poaching and the illegal trade. Somkhanda promotes growth for the Gumbi community through ecotourism and environmental education opportunities, currently these initiatives employ around 100 community members. Somkhanda Mtb Challenge was born when Africa4Africa and Wildlands came up with the idea to host a three day stage race in the reserve. Not only would this showcase the reserve and the beauty of it to the riders but it would allow them to immerse themselves in nature. Judging by the smiles and good comments of the riders Somkhanda MTB Challenge was just as big of a success as South Africa’s Rugby World Cup!

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