South African Sports Photographer: Three Cranes Challenge 2020

Creativity ? A phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. Basically this is the ultimate goal when you call yourself a photographer – a creative, someone that creates something new and adds value to it. Someone who nails the equation of creativity ( Creativity = New + Valuable ). This past weekend I got the opportunity to shoot stills for Phonix Capture cc – Professional Photography and Videography at the annual Three cranes challenge, hosted by Wildlands WildSeriesTrail and KZN Trail Running The main goal was to be creative and showcase the spectacular Karkloof valley,it’s Fauna , flora and how this three day stage race traverses this rich biodiverse area.

Three Cranes Challenge is hosted to raise funds for the Karkloof Conservancywho actively conserves the rich biodiversity of the Karkloof for the benefit of future generations. For a large part conserving this spectacular area takes plenty of creativity. Farmers and stakeholders has to work together to find new farming methods that adds value back into the soil and habitat of unique species found in the conservancy.

Taking place of three days the race gives runners the unique opportunity to traverse a host of different environments, ranging from indigenous forests to mountain grassland. This made for quite a lot of fun shooting as each environment has its own unique look and feel.

Below is a collection of images that I’ve captured over the. Past weekend, it includes a few images of each day, and hopefully gives an insight into the beauty of the magnificent Karkloof and inspires you to enter the Three Cranes Challenge in 2021 . To be honest I’ve personally struggled a bit to nail the creativity equation over the last few months, but I guess working in these environments challenges one to constantly improve and look for more creative and dynamic angles as your previous event. As one runner at our first Wildseries event back in 2017 said, “ You live and you learn” and learning in environments as beautiful as this is one heck of a privilege!

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