White River Manor

Restoration | Luxury |Exclusivity

These three words basically sums up our brief for our shoot at White River Manor. We ‘ve worked with WRM in the past, but this time around they approached us with a unique challenge. How do we try and portray their three key terms through images. Well it took quite a bit of brainstorming and conceptualising but we managed to think of some creative ideas and concepts to make it work. As a leading rehab , WRM aims to be on the ball, always, whether it is with their accomdation , food, therapists or marketing, they make sure that they keep on changing things up, keeping it fresh. They are currently busy with their new website and they asked us to assist them in creating attractive visual content that would inspire interest amongst viewers.

Content that makes them stand out, images that make poeple hit that Book Now button. As much as we love creating visual content, we always have to keep the end use in mind and if the content that we’re putting out will create action amongst people seeing it. With this shoot, our aim was exactly that, making the images lok good while at the same time maaking people wanting to book a bit off time off at WRM. We focused a lot on giving the images a laidback lifestyle look , incorporating textures and the beautiful gardens at WRM. We feel the final images came out really well wit a lively look and feel to it.