Wildside Badplaas Enduro

The 2019 Forever Badplaas Wildside Enduro took place in Mpumalanga South Africa on 9 February. The race is hosted by the Lowveld Enduro club based in Nelspruit. Being the first of the series in the Lowveld and the second race of the season in the country it was all guns Blazing. The Wildside Enduro is always a favourite race on the yearly Enduro calendar with this years race attracting some big names.

Elite rider William Slater rode away with the win after 110 gruelling kilometres. For us as a company it was a first time opportunity to document an enduro race and it was quite a learning curve in many ways. Our logistics didn’t go completely according to plan so we were faced with a few challenging decicions of where to go and shoot and how to get there. We decided to do what we do best, and cover a section of the course on foot. This helped us to get really close to the action from where we shot highly technical intense sections with fatigued riders.

There isn’t a lot of things sounding better than a two stroke with an open throttle and it was super inspiring to see children also cruising past! It was an action packed and full throttle day for the riders but at the same time for us shooting as everything happens extremely fast. You’ve got a 1-3 second gap to get footage of riders before they braaaaaap out of frame and over the horizon. Needless to say it was one of our highlights in the event industry and we look forward to some more adrenaline filled days with the Lowveld Enduro club! Keep an eye out for the full event video.

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